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  • How It Works?

    Simple as it is. uRun China is a community-oriented company that will: bring U like-minded people, help to develop the commitment, raise your self-esteem, and help U to turn the challenge into a healthy habit! We organise online running challenges as well as running trips around China and some other useful events!


    Choose & Sign up

    Pick the challenge, distance and sign up for it by paying through WeChat/Alipay


    Track & Submit

    Use any running app, then submit the screenshot of your run to our WeChat mini-program.


    Nail & Receive

    As a sign of accomplishment, U receive a unique medal that will take a worthy place in your collection!

  • Access to our WeChat
    Mini- Program

    Check out features available to our runners!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Haven't found an answer to your question?
    Add "urunhelper" via WeChat, we are always happy to help!

    How can I submit my runs?

    U can use any suitable running APP/ sports watch. After each run don't forget to make a screenshot and submit via mini program. The most important information must be displayed in English: distance, pace and time.

    Does the treadmill count?

    Yes! In this case, all U need to do is to take the photo of the treadmill screen, the same: distance, pace and time are important.

    Does the walking count?

    Yes! As long walks on fresh air are healthy as well we can count them in! Just don't forget to record it and send the screenshot afterwards! Same: distance, pace, time!

    Can I submit the runs that I did not in China?

    Yes! U can run literally ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Anything that suits U the best! The most important, U - run, we do the rest!

    How often are the ranking updates? Where can we check them?

    We have constant ranking updates as soon as someone uploads the run on our mini-program! Check that out them regularly to get extra motivation!

    How can I be added to the group chat with other runners?

    Within one day, when we receive your registration for our challenge, we will add U through the WeChat to confirm all the details and to add to the group chat with other passionate runners from all over China!

    What is the difference between 50 RMB participation and 150 RMB participation?

    👉50 RMB (8$) is participation without the medal, runners who choose this option will only appear in the rankings.

    👉150 RMB (23$) is with a reward, runners will receive the medal as the sign of accomplishment

    Is there a minimum amount of KM that I need to submit per run? Maximum?

    Nope! All works well! The more km- the better, but go at your own pace! The only one U are competing with is yourself!

    Will U be able to send the medal abroad in case if I will leave China?

    Yes! Shipment abroad is possible, U will just need to cover the extra delivery costs! Usually, it's around 100-300 RMB extra depending on the destination!

    If I have any extra questions who can I contact?

    Add 'urunhelper' via WeChat! We are happy to answer all your questions!

  • Ben Milburn

    This is a great app for organising our runs and has really helped get me out running and stay motivated to keep going on those cold and wet mornings. Urun helped me clock up more than 600Km in the past three months which prompted me to push harder and take on the 750km challenge for winter. Bringing everyone together in a running community is a fantastic idea so keep doing the great work!

    Monica Ghicu

    I think it is absolutely amazing how you manage to make each and every one of us feel unique, special, and how you motivate us all in a way that works for who we are as unique individuals and runners. You are making a difference in many people's lives and I will be forever grateful for what you helped me achieve. Thank you again! 🙏😊

    Jessica Loots

    The Autumn challenge came at a time where I just wanted to start running short distances to increase my cardio every week and work off my mummy tummy! I signed up for 150km, but in middle October, I hit it and was encouraged by urun helper to challenge myself for 300km! It was the best challenge ever and its also when I decided I'm going to try half marathons! I was excited to see my pace go from 6:45 to 5:03 on a 10km!

    Chivas Lam

    Thank you for the challenge. I hit 600km today. There have been so many encouragements, more participants, and improvements. As for me, I ran a full marathon after eight years, and I pleasingly surprised to hit a new high VO2 of 52 at my age. Running is so good for both physical and mental health. Thank you, uRun helper, and this community.

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    Faster, Stronger, Better - Together!

    Our Philosophy

    This is what we believe in

    • uRun China values -
      achievement through support and motivation.
    • We help to break through the limits to show what people are capable of through the online running challenge.
    • Running doesn’t have to be a solo sport when U are part of our great China running team! 

    About Us


    • Online Running Challenges
      To support and motivate.
    •  Workshops & Seminars
      To educate and interact.
    • Running Trips
      To entertain and build relationships.
    • Provide a Running Coach
      To help you to avoid injuries and level up.
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